The 30th Annual Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony tested everyone’s resolve as they battled traffic, downed trees, street closures and more, courtesy of New York City’s first snow of the season.  Radio Hall of Fame Chairman Kraig T. Kitchin welcomed everyone and announced the rebranding of the organization with a new name, logo, website and more.  The adrenaline-charged evening wasn’t short on laughs, tears and standing ovations.

Mark Levin was first to receive his honor, commenting that “Rush Limbaugh took me under his wing, a great decent, very nice man,” and that “Sean Hannity is like a brother to me.”  Fred Jacobs acknowledged that he was “the outlier of the night” as the first radio consultant to be inducted.  Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic shared their story about how they looked like the number 10 when they stood next to each other.  Greenberg commented they now look like the number 11, as Golic is much thinner.  Golic also noted, “We didn’t want to be blue, we wanted to be a family show and that’s the route we went.”

Jim Harper introduced Jim Kerr as “The People’s Prince of New York Radio.”  Dr. Laura Schlessinger garnered applause when she said before she was in radio, she listened to Cousin Brucie.”  She also commented, “For me this is not a job, it’s a mission.”  Vice President of Entercom Jimmy DeCastro joked while introducing Jonathon Brandmeier, aka Johnny B, “If this was Chicago, the snow would’ve been plowed, we’d all be in the bar and this would’ve been over two hours ago!”  Johnny B added, “Our hotel is six blocks from here, we’re in the car for two hours and my wife of 37 years says, ‘let’s make a run for it’ and we did!  That’s a queen!”

Kid Kelly (Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning Actor Alan Alda introduced Joan Hamburg saying, “She has the ability to interview anybody with grace and good humor.”  She commented, “We are so lucky because no matter what, [radio] is still about community…We make a difference in peoples’ lives.”  Mike Francesa commented, “How great is it to stand up here at the same microphone as Alan Alda?!  One of my all-time favorite TV stars.  That was a big thrill.”  Final inductee Kid Kelly, who was introduced by Cousin Brucie (Bruce Morrow) and congratulated via video by Taylor Swift and Dr. Phil, commented, “My aunt gave me the greatest gift, belief in myself.”  Addressing the room, “Thank you for supporting a challenged child and making his dreams come true.”

Additionally, Nanci Donnellan, who was unable to attend, was inducted.