(l-r): Tpot, Stevie, youngest daughter Chloe and oldest daughter Natty at Chloe’s pre-school end-of-year program in May. (Photo: B97.com)

Entercom Top 40 WEZB (B97)/New Orleans has shared important news with its family of listeners, Stevie G & TPot are separated, but will remain a radio couple as hosts of “The Afternoon Swirl.”

“Stevie G & TPot are loved in New Orleans. They’ve been an integral part of B97 for more than a decade, and we intend for them to be The Afternoon Swirl for long time to come,” says Program Director Tom Naylor (AKA Jammer). “Social media makes it difficult for families to have privacy as they adjust to major changes before that news goes public.  It’s even more difficult when the couple is a household name in a community,” continued Naylor.

The Swirl’s message to listeners of B97 is simply one of thanks for having been a part of their family for almost eleven years. Stevie G & TPot are no longer a couple at home, but are partners here at B97 and intend to always be.

TPot wholeheartedly agrees, “I think our B97 family can relate.  We love each other.  We’ll always love each other; we were best friends before we married.  We’ll be friends when we’re not.  And, most of all, Stevie is Natty & Chloe’s dad…and I’m their mom.  That will always come first.  Out of respect for our kids and our families, we hope you will support us, and help us love our way through.”

Paramount for the Guggenheimers (AKA The Afternoon Swirl) is that their fans and friends know they may be separated as a couple off the radio, but will remain partners afternoons on B97. The message is one of solidarity, “We were friends first.  We’ll always be.  And that’s absolutely necessary for the health and well-being of our daughters.  If Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner and Angela Hill & Garland Robinette can do it, we can too.”