Indie617 logoRadioBDC, the Internet Modern Rock station run by, is spinning off into a new identity as Indie617. The rebranded station is set to launch Monday, April 2 at 2pm ET.

Indie617 is the brainchild of President/Managing Partner Paul Driscoll and General Sales Manager/Managing Partner John LaVasseur and is a direct radio descendent of WFNX 101.7 FM.

The station’s lineup will continue to include longtime Boston radio veterans Adam 12 and Julie Kramer. It can be heard by launching the player via and via the app available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Those who already have the RadioBDC app will notice the change in branding shortly after the launch.

Driscoll says, “This company marks a new day for Boston in independent media, as Indie617 promises a musical selection that can’t be found anywhere on the dusty FM dial.”

“Indie617 is our next phase of evolution, a source for new music and emerging artists not heard anywhere else,” Driscoll adds. “The sound is one that reflects our Boston base, combining homegrown talent with national artists. While this move forward is exciting for us, we’ll also remember our roots. was the perfect home for us as we launched the first digital streaming radio station in Boston. Indie617 carries on that tradition.”

Boston Globe Media notes it is “pleased to facilitate a smooth transition” as RadioBDC evolves and branches out into Indie617.

“It’s gratifying to watch what was incubated as part of a little over six years ago expand as its own business; I’m proud of what we built together and excited to see where they take it as they spread their wings,” said Jane Bowman, VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Boston Globe Media.