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eQB: October 18, 2019

One of the ongoing burning issues in our industry is connecting with the younger audience. This week we have millennial programmer Sassy of WKXJ/1037 KISS FM, Chattanooga, who is in the demo and also has a very intuitive feel for what makes Gen-Z tick as well. Creative, risk-taker, passionate about radio constantly moving forward, firm and outspoken in her beliefs, BTS aficionado, and a strong advocate for women in radio, you’ll get this and more. In Programming to Win, Mike Henry talks about a new Urban Alternative format for public radio. The results from five U.S. markets show that the audience appeal of the format is undeniably and overwhelmingly positive. Question of the Week asks: Given major entertainment and tech companies’ ultra-focus on creating original content and developing an app that has limitless streaming options, how should this influence radio strategy going forward? Plus FMQB Hot Shots.

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