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eQB Cover Story: Jagger, PD, WKSS/Hartford & KC101/New Haven

Jagger has become a model programmer in many respects when it comes to balancing multiple job roles and responsibilities. It’s the reality in today’s programming world, the ability to successfully oversee bilateral demands in commanding fashion. What’s special about Jagger though is how much fun and enjoyment he derives from his current experiences. He’s completely invested in his work, shows incredible passion and desire for his job, and remains focused and on-point given all the tasks that lie in front of him on a weekly basis.

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eQB Cover Story: FMQB AT-ISSUE: Driving the current trends of Pop music

There are more external variables than ever when it comes to influencing trends at Pop music and shrewd radio minds like Jonathan Shuford, Dom Theodore, Rick Vaughn and Kobe are a quality sample size of programmers around the country who have deftly adapted their mindset on reading the audience room with respect to these trends, and tactfully applying the new rules to their programming strategies.

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eQB Cover Story: John Reynolds, Operations Manager, Beasley Media Group, Charlotte

In April John Reynolds will be celebrating his 20th anniversary at WNKS in Charlotte, certainly a milestone achievement in a business that’s seen plenty of movement in the industry over the past two decades. Leadership, stability, constant energy, and a commitment to the passion he brings to his profession has allowed KISS95-1 to grow and maintain its winning ways through the duration.

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