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Programming To Win: What I Hear Too Much Of

When it comes to the fundamentals on-air, there’s always room for improvement. In his latest Programming to Win column, Bob Quick takes note of some issues he’s noticed with jocks around the country and suggests some easy ways to correct bad habits.

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eQB NOW: Jon Zellner, EVP of Programming Operations, iHeartMedia

eQB COVER STORY Jon Zellner, EVP of Programming Operations, iHeartMedia There are only a handful of programming execs that have the ability to conceptually merge the art and science of radio, astutely articulate the value of this equation, and execute. Jon Zellner is among that elite group. When you couple his years of experience as a hands-on practitioner with the amount of time he’s spent in a programming executive capacity, and factor in the iHeartMedia culture of innovative thinking and forward digital progress, you begin to get a sense of how valuable of a resource he is in strategic...

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eQB COVER STORY: John Mayer, PD, WFLZ/Tampa

  May 20, 2016QUESTION OF THE WEEK eQB COVER STORY John Mayer, PD, WFLZ/Tampa There’s a generational movement that’s been thriving inside the ranks of iHeartMedia for the past few years that has seen some of the industry’s finest young programmers upgrade their market positions and in the process take on more core responsibilities. John Mayer happens to be in the forefront of this esteemed group having served at KC101/New Haven and WRVW/Nashville before arriving at the legendary Power Pig in Tampa just over a year ago. [more] PROGRAMMING TO WIN PUMM (Persons Using Measured Media) ReportWhat on Earth...

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