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Question Of The Week: Apr 1, 2016

April 1, 2016 If you could change the current music cycle of your format,which direction would take it and which artists would help lead the way?       Jonathan Shuford,WRVW: I think Pop radio’s in a pretty good place right now. We have a really good balance of a core sound and superstar artists, and we have enough of the extremes on either side that help to really hold the format together. There are the DJ Snakes and The Chainsmokers of the world and on the other side you have the James Bay’s and twenty-one pilots of the...

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Question Of The Week: Jan 27, 2006

What was the most overlooked record (or artist) for your format in 2005? Brody/WDCG: Switchfoot “This Is Your Life.”Maxwell/KSMB: Gorillaz  “Feel Good Inc.”Erik Bradley/B96: Bobby Valentino. He has a ton of talent and I wish he had connected with the audience better. Hopefully on his next project  he’ll get his props!Bruce St. James/KKFR:Amerie. Fisher/WHZT: John Legend. Chris Marino/WLDI: Keith Urban “You’ll Think Of Me.”  Big research record for me. Kasper/WAKS: Xscape  “What’s Up.” Dylan Sprague /WWWQ: Click Five “Just the Girl.”Sue O’Neil/WKSE:John Legend. Brotha Fred/KHFI: Natasha Bedingfield. But 2006 is looking better for her. JT Bosch/WLAN: Switchfoot “Stars.” Alan...

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