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Greg Beharrell Stalks You 4/16

FM 94/9 – San Diego In California, Coachella is religion. But every rock station has Coachella giveaways. So how do you make yours stand out? If you’re FM94/9, you remove your top. Behold one of their morning show hosts, Chris Cantore, sans shirt. So you get a virally (that’s a word?) vid, and a first in radio: having to get naked AFTER getting the job. DC 101 – Washington I now believe that all radio stations should promote their Summer festival the way DC 101 does here. Check the featured video on their “about” page. It makes ME want...

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Greg Beharrell Stalks You 2/16

ALT AZ – Phoenix KFM–BFM – San Diego WKQX – Chicago ALT AZ – Phoenix Jason DeVore wrote a song for the Arizona Cardinals whilst (yep, I’m bringing it back) the team was in the midst of a playoff run. Christy Taylor at ALT AZ capitalized on the popularity of football (who knew?) by shooting a video with Jason, and getting the origin story of the song. Strong move to find an ALT AZ niche that can lure in Cardinals fans. Check those share numbers. You know in England they call soccer football, and they call football American football....

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Greg Beharrell Stalks You 12/15

WKQX – Chicago 91X – San Diego Alt Nation on Sirius Xm – New York WKQX – Chicago To promote their annual holiday shows, “The Nights We Stole Christmas,” jocks at Chicago’s WKQX interacted via Skype with the headliners from each night. Troy Hanson is dominating that market because of next wave ideas like this. He’s added unique artist content, without having to wait for the band to make a station visit. My favorite is Brian Aubert from Silversun Pickups. As a judge of comedy, I can tell you that Brian’s comedic timing has always been as sharp as...

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Greg Beharrell Stalks You 11/15

The End – Seattle The Shark – Miami ALT AZ – Phoenix I’m Greg Beharrell. I host drive on Live 105. I stalk other radio stations. The End – Seattle Yelp is popular, in spite of being the Regina George of websites. Recognizing its popularity, The End in Seattle is doing something cool. Their jock, Manley, posts reviews of Seattle hot spots, complete with pics, and an unapologetic “I know nothing about what makes food good” attitude. It’s now, local, and provides the added bonus of a radio DJ actually eating (a rarity given the current status of the...

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Greg Beharrell Stalks You 9/15

94.7 KROQ – Los Angeles 91X – San Diego The Buzz – Houston I’m Greg Beharrell. I host drive on Live 105. I stalk other radio stations. KROQ – Los Angeles KROQ is a Los Angeles based station. Not long ago, U2 (rock band) took over a small club in Los Angeles for a private gig (cool sounding term I invented that means “show”). Instead of the standard grainy/blurry pics or inaudible video, KROQ treated listeners to a highlight reel so beautifully shot that it belongs at Sundance. Check the share numbers. Quality counts. THAT is how you add...

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eQB Cover Story

FMQB FACE-OFF: Jonathan Shuford, PD WRVW/107.5 The River, Nashville and Josh Reich, Warner Bros Records VP of Top 40 Promotion & Digital Strategy