Tyson Haller (photo: Lee Seidenberg Photography)

Led by SVP Jill Weindorf, Concord’s Promotion team has been restructured to better service the needs of its labels.

The realign begins with the addition of Tyson Haller as VP Promotion. Haller joined the team in late February and is working alongside Weindorf and current VP Promotion Angelo Scrobe running day to day Promotion operations. Next, Senior Director of Promotion Howie Pivar rises to format captain for Triple A joining existing format heads Elias Chios (Rock) and Nan Fisher (Alternative) and Ayappa Biddanda (Americana/Developing Artists).  Promotion veterans Howard Frank and Alyssa Holtgrewe continue as all format regionals. The team is supported by Promotion Department Manager Darnell Gamble and team Coordinator Tori Levin.

Weindorf comments, “The collective talent of this team is second to none.  This realignment supports Concord’s leadership position in our core formats and adds additional resources to better serve our expanding artist roster. As our labels and artist roster evolve, we are positioned to offer unparalleled promotion and marketing services.”