(l-r) Nicki Farag, Noah Sheer and Keith Rothschild.

Def Jam Recordings has announced three key executive promotions. Nicki Farag is promoted to EVP/Promotion and head of the department, Noah Sheer is promoted to EVP/Rhythm & Lifestyle Promotion, and Keith Rothschild has been elevated to SVP/Promotion.

The announcement was made by Paul Rosenberg, Chairman & CEO, Def Jam Recordings, who said, “I’m delighted to announce the promotions of Nicki, Noah and Keith. In the short time we’ve worked together, I have come to know them as passionate, dedicated, energetic, top-notch executives. Their promotions are well-deserved and well-earned; and we are especially proud of Nicki’s new title and its historic significance to the label.”

Farag is a 15-year veteran of Def Jam has served as SVP/Promotion, since 2016, following two years as VP/Promotion.  Prior to joining Def Jam, she spent a year as Promotion Manager at Z100/New York.

“It’s my great honor to accept the role of EVP Promotion at Def Jam Recordings,” said Farag. “From assistant to EVP, in the span of 15 years at the same label, is an incredible milestone for me. And as the first woman in Def Jam’s 34-year history to earn the title, I would like to thank and recognize Paul Rosenberg for believing in me and paving the way for female executives at this company. I’m thrilled to continue to work with Noah Sheer and Keith Rothschild, both integral executives for Def Jam. They are reliable, resilient and masterminds at their jobs. I cherish their friendship and expertise, and I believe we are poised for incredible success. We will continue to cultivate, educate, and accept no boundaries or limitations in the promotion of our incredible artists and their music.”

Sheer joined the company in 2000, as Mid-Atlantic Regional Promotion Manager, and was promoted four years later to Sr. Director/Rhythm Promotion. He began his career in 1998 as a Promotion Assistant at Arista Records.

“Over my 18-plus years here at Def Jam, I’ve had the privilege of working with so many incredible people, and the vision and leadership of Paul Rosenberg is like winning the lottery all over again,” Sheer said. “There is not one person I can think of who is more capable and more deserving of taking the helm of this Def Jam promotion department than Nicki Farag. Nicki has an infectious energy that makes everyone who comes in contact with her a better human. You know what? We did win the lottery.”

Rothschild has served as SVP/Top 40 Promotion, since 2016, following a three-year stint as VP/Top 40 Promotion. Prior to joining Def Jam, he spent 15 years at Warner Brothers Records, first as a Regional Promotion Manager, and later as National Director of Top 40 Promotion.

“It’s absolutely incredible that Nicki Farag, Noah Sheer and I started as regionals together and are now in senior leadership roles within the Def Jam Promotion Department,” said Rothschild. “I would like to congratulate Nicki and Noah, and thank Paul Rosenberg for the opportunity to continue to break new artists and deliver hit records at this iconic and historic label.”