In a memo from Entercom COO Weezie Kramer, the company announces a wide range of management structural changes, ahead of the pending merger with CBS Radio.

Kramer wrote, “From day one of the merger announcement, we have said that we wanted to assemble the best team in the business. Regardless of whether you wear an Entercom jersey, a CBS jersey, or one from the opposing team – we want to make sure that we have the best starting line up on opening day. To that end, I wanted to share some important announcements regarding Regional Presidents, Market Managers, and our Operating Advisory Board. Last week, we passed the DOJ regulatory hurdles and are able to officially announce our new market leadership team. First, I would like to thank all of those who have been on the team up to this point for their many contributions and service to CBS Radio and Entercom. Some folks won’t be moving forward with us and that in no way diminishes our appreciation for their work.”

She announced that all Entercom Market Managers will be elevated to Senior Vice President to be consistent with CBS title nomenclature. Additionally all Entercom Regionals will receive the President title.

Doug Abernethy is named Regional President for the Miami, Orlando, Gainesville, Atlanta, Denver, Greensboro, Greenville, Charlotte, Houston, Austin, Richmond and Norfolk clusters. Susan Larkin becomes Regional President for San Francisco, Riverside, Sacramento and San Diego, as well as Market Manager for Entercom-San Fran.

In addition to serving as Market Manager for Entercom-Kansas City, Dave Alpert will oversee Madison, Milwaukee, St. Louis and Wichita. In additional to his Dallas Market Manager responsibilities, Brian Purdy will serve as Regional President of Las Vegas, New Orleans, Chattanooga and Memphis.

Bob Philips, Chief Revenue Officer/Regional President, will also oversee Baltimore, Philadelphia, Hartford, Providence and Springfield. Michael Doyle, President of Sales Operations/Regional President, will have regional responsibility for Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Rochester and Seattle. Michael Doyle has Market Manager responsibilities for Boston and regional oversight of Buffalo, Washington D.C. and Wilkes-Barre.

Keriann Worley, CBS Radio’s VP/Director of Sales in Miami, will move to the SVP/Market Manager position in Miami, succeeding Doug Abernethy. Bennett Zier adds the title of Market Manager for the Richmond and Norfolk markets and will become the SVP/Market Manager for Entercom-Virginia.

John Fullam is named Market Manager of Entercom-Denver. Jeff Federman joins as the new SVP/Market Manager of Entercom-Los Angeles. In Chicago, longtime Windy City media exec Jimmy de Castro is hired as SVP/Market Manager. Phil Zachary will assume the SVP/Market Manager role in Hartford, and oversee Providence and Springfield as well. Bob Bolinger is now SVP/Market Manager responsibilities for the combined CBS and Entercom stations in San Diego. Peter Schwartz becomes General Sales Manager of Entercom-San Diego as well.

Rick Caffey will remain as the SVP/Market Manager of the combined CBS and Entercom Atlanta cluster. Mike Fowler will join him as VP of Sales. Jack Hutchison retain the responsibilities of SVP/Market Manager in Seattle. Lance Richard will be SVP/Market Manager over the combined Sacramento cluster. And Dan Kearney will take on the SVP/Market Manager responsibilities in Las Vegas.

Kramer also announced that Entercom is going to continue with its Operating Advisory Board, which will be comprised of 7 Market Managers, a Director of Sales and a Program Director led by two co-chairs. This group serves to advise the company’s Operating Committee on a host of topics related to operationalizing strategy and initiatives.

The first Ops Advisory Board of the new company will be co-chaired by Jack Hutchison, Seattle SVP/Market Manager and Debbie Kenyon, Detroit SVP/Market Manager. Serving on the committee will be a mixture of CBS and Entercom managers as well as new additions to the team: Stephanie Callihan, Jimmy de Castro, Jim Fox, John Fullam, Matt Hanlon, Greg Nemitz, Mike Valenzuela, Chris Wegmann and David Yadgaroff.