Entercom has announced the launch of RADIO.COM REWIND, enabling the ability to pause and rewind live radio and allow listeners to consume their favorite shows and stations when most convenient to them. The feature automatically records the last 24 hours of broadcast content on enabled stations, and makes it easy for the user to navigate to their favorite show and begin listening from any point in the broadcast. RADIO.COM REWIND will launch on Entercom’s most popular sports, news and talk stations with more shows added over time. This new functionality marks the first-ever, all-in-one, on-demand audio experience for broadcast radio content.

“As a leader in audio, we are thrilled to introduce innovative technology that will transform the way audiences consume and engage with broadcast radio by reimaging it for a digital environment,” said J.D. Crowley, Chief Digital Officer, Entercom. “RADIO.COM REWIND provides a best-in-class listening experience by delivering the premier news, talk and sports audio content our audience wants, whenever and however they want it.”

RADIO.COM REWIND unlocks the flexibility to consume broadcast radio content within 24 hours of airing. The feature allows audiences to start their listening experience from any point in any show and select a playback speed up to two times the original speed. Listeners can also quickly and easily return to the live broadcast at any time. In the coming months, audiences will also be able to share moments of live broadcast radio content for distribution on social media and via email.

RADIO.COM REWIND is accessible via the online player or in the RADIO.COM app, the fastest-growing digital audio app in the U.S. This function will also soon be integrated with voice-enabled devices allowing users to instruct the digital assistant to “rewind,” “pause” and “go back” or “start from” a certain time.