Sometimes you just know when you’re in the right place at the right time, and all the pieces just fall into place nicely for you. So was the case for Justin Chase in 2013 when the Beasley Media Group allowed him to contribute to defining his new pivotal role for the company…a position that previously never existed at the radio group. [more]

In this month’s Programming to Win column, Richard Harker of Harker Research reminds programmers not to sacrifice their total audience by catering only to ratings panelists. Harker cautions not to get too caught up in chasing panelists’ ears that you miss out on your larger audience. [more]

What one piece of advice that you were given early in your career is no longer relevant today? [more]

Rich Davis, Katy Perry, Java Joel, Lizzo, Chris K, Bryce Vine, Jonathan Shuford, Ally Brooke [more]