Jagger has become a model programmer in many respects when it comes to balancing multiple job roles and responsibilities. It’s the reality in today’s programming world, the ability to successfully oversee bilateral demands in commanding fashion. What’s special about Jagger though is how much fun and enjoyment he derives from his current experiences. He’s completely invested in his work, shows incredible passion and desire for his job, and remains focused and on-point given all the tasks that lie in front of him on a weekly basis. [more]

How you sound when you talk can be just as important as what you’re actually saying. In this month’s Programming to Win column, Rich Van Slyke offers ten tips for getting the best sound from your own voice when you’re behind the mic.  [more]

As the political debate season is in full swing, what are the biggest issues we as an industry should be debating about these days? [more]

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