We close out the year with a very special issue of e-QB. As FMQB reprises FACE-OFF, one of our most popular features, we also wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate some personal benchmarks achieved by two of our industry’s most respected pros. In 2017, iHeartMedia’s Alex Tear and Atlantic Records Group John Boulos marked 30 and 41 years respectively in the industry. In this Cover Story, Alex puts John to the test with a series of incisive questions that virtually span Boulos’ entire career. Insightful, entertaining and fun…what better way to end the year! [more]

In our final Programming to Win column of the year, Paragon Media’s Larry Johnson examines the state of SiriusXM. Over 15 years into its existence, how does satellite radio currently stack up against terrestrial radio as well as streaming services?  [more]

What are your Most Memorable Moments of 2017: 1) Proudest moment of the year? 2) Major influence of the year (person or event)? [more]

Toby Knapp, Camila Cabello, Todd Cavanah, BSB, Jared Fallon, The Chainsmokers, Mike Miller, Halsey, Elvis Duran, Sabrina Carpenter, Mark Medina, Niall Horan [more]

John Boulos, Tom Poleman, John Ivey, Joe Riccitelli, Brian Philips, J.J.Rice, Scott Shannon. [more]