Typically, what separates programmers from the pack is their enthusiasm, commitment and devotion to the diligence of the work they do. In today’s environment, programmers lack the support staffs that once complemented all radio stations. The workloads and responsibility levels on PD’s have increased substantially. Possessing the aforementioned traits is one of the reasons why Kobe has been able to endure and succeed in today’s new paradigm, because they’ve been part of his programming DNA his entire career.  [more]

For our latest Programming to Win column, Seth Resler of Jacobs Media teaches us about SEO as well as its next possible evolution. Radio is just beginning to tie itself to voice-activated searches and Resler considers what the future holds for this technology as well. [more]

Who is your favorite all-time radio personality and what qualities do you admire most about him/her? [more]

Scott Shannon, Todd Cavanah, Erik Bradley, Tom Poleman, Eric Power, Chet Buchanan, Lee Leipsner [more]