Mark Adams is one of the most respected and admired programmers in the business today. His ability to integrate his pure programming instincts with the science of the medium in many ways is unsurpassed. His core philosophy and all-inclusive perspectives in his strategic decision making lends even more credence to the aptitude he brings to the several vital roles he operates under at iHeartMedia. [more]

In this recent Programming to Win contribution, Paul Jacobs of Jacobs Media takes a look at the relationship between PDs and salespeople. What can each group learn from the other? How can everyone work in tandem to serve your station’s best interests? Paul provides six suggestions on how programming and sales can come together to benefit your brand. [more]

What are some “old-school” qualities that radio lacks today that could still serve value to the medium?[more]

Rob Roberts, Dan + Shay, Mike Miller, P!nk, Dylan Salisbury, Brandon Urie, Fletcher, Adam Rivers [more]