Rich Davis’ ascension to his current standing as one of iHeartMedia’s most cherished programmers is a text book lesson in trusting your instincts along your career path, and never shying away from opportunity. Rich prides himself as a true professional and a devout family guy who has managed to achieve great accomplishments in our business without sacrificing what is truly the most vital aspects of his life. If balance makes the world go ‘round, it’s no small wonder why Rich’s approach, both personally and professionally, has served him well for over two and a half decades. [more]

In this month’s Programming to Win column, Mike Henry of Paragon Media checks in on Non-Comm stations around the country that focus on new music discovery. What strategies are working? How are their latest initiatives turning out? Henry gives us a report on their current strategies and where to go from here. [more]

What is your favorite most memorable quote or phrase of all-time? [more]

Rob Miller, Shaggy, Bartel, Dua Lipa, Alex Tear, David Guetta, Jonathan Shuford, Bebe Rexha, Jeff Hurley, Imagine Dragons [more]

John Boulos, Paul “Cubby” Bryant, Erik Bradley, Don Coddington, Justin Chase, Charese Fruge, Lee Leipsner [more]