In April, John Reynolds will be celebrating his 20th anniversary at WNKS in Charlotte, certainly a milestone achievement in a business that’s seen plenty of movement in the industry over the past two decades. Leadership, stability, constant energy, and a commitment to the passion he brings to his profession has allowed KISS95-1 to grow and maintain its winning ways through the duration. [more]

For this month’s Programming to Win column, Bob Quick is here to remind programmers and on-air talent that you are also in “sales.” Not in the traditional sense you may think of, but your job is also to “sell” your station to listeners. [more]

Beside your own, which stations nationally, inside or outside your format, do you admire and why? [more]

Jonathan Shuford, Sasha Sloan, Jared Fallon, Fletcher, Raphael, Dylan Salisbury, Lauren Daigle, Jake Miller, Derrick Cole, Logan Henderson, Java Joel [more]