Dan Mason, Jr., President & Founder,
Creative Soul Coaching

Generally speaking a career in any profession takes acumen, dedication, commitment and genuine instinct for the field you endeavor upon. In the case of Dan Mason, Jr., he was practically preordained to get into the radio business, given his family roots, and for over 17 years he applied the aforementioned qualities and proceeded to make quite a name for himself. Dan served as PD/OM/air-talent in several major markets, and typically found success with each encounter. So why, in October of 2015 at the height of his career, did he choose to leave the business and embark on a completely different professional field? [more]

With so much new technology at our fingertips, there are seemingly countless ways to extend the reach of your station and its brand. In this month’s Programming to Win column, Bob Quick runs down just some ways that your station can go beyond its frequency to make a mark. [more]

Throughout your career, what has been your biggest challenge and what did you learn from the experience? [more]

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