After an industrious career in terrestrial radio, Jeff Z crossed over to the digital streaming world in 2012 and enlisted with Pandora, first as a consultant, and then segueing into the sales and marketing wings, ultimately landing in the content division. In February of this year Pandora became a part of the SiriusXM family exposing Jeff to a whole new world of responsibilities and opportunities. [more]

In this month’s Programming to Win column, Bob Quick shows that you don’t have to play oldies or classic hits to benefit from your listener’s fond memories. Nostalgia for the history of your station itself is another way to build loyalty and retain listenership. [more]

What three songs best define the summer of 2019? [more]

Monte Lipman, Taylor Swift, Jonathan Shuford, Jonas Brothers, Orlando, Lizzo, Will Calder, Backstreet Boys, Matt Johnson, Blanco Brown, Rich Davis, Dean Lewis [more]