Anyone who knows “MJ” well enough knows the inherent passion and desire to succeed that’s part of his DNA. He’s a highly driven programmer with strong opinions and perspectives on all the critical issues that face his station and the industry in general. We give him ample time and space to unleash those thoughts in this week’s Cover Story.[more]

In his latest Programming to Win column, Robby Bridges argues against the latest report predicting radio’s imminent demise. Bridges gives a number of reasons why, contrary to what you have may read, radio isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. [more]

Who would be on your “Mt. Rushmore” of all-time label promotion executives? [more]

Ed Sheeran, Jonathan Reed, PRETTYMUCH, Lee Leipsner,
Hey Violet, Kobi, Jay Dabhi, Jon Borris Tommy Nappi [more]

Tom Poleman, Paul “Cubby” Bryant, Bob Case, John Boulos,
Mike Preston, Chris Lopes, Rich Davis [more]