For over a decade, Circle of Fifths Music LLC was the original free-standing field staff in the industry, breaking a myriad of records over the years. These very familiar names and faces now make up AMPLIFY Entertainment Group. Looking to create a new level of synergy with their highly successful yearly conference, “The Gathering,” they’ve renamed, rebranded, reorganized and are relaunching as AMPLIFY.

On the executive level, Tracy Brown will take the helm as the new President/CEO, backed by William Marion who adds Vice President to his CFO and Regional Director of Promotion Northeast responsibilities. “As The Gathering continues to grow, we saw a need to marry our efforts and brand ourselves accordingly as new opportunities for The Gathering started to become reality,” Brown commented.  “Both AMPLIFY and The Gathering are already fixtures in the alternative community. We wanted to make the companies synonymous in people’s minds: Think of AMPLIFY and you think of The Gathering.” Drew Murray, VP/Promotion will oversee the staff and day to day promotion activities. Edie Lundeen is handling National Director of Alternative and Rock West Coast, partnering with Colleen Taylor, who joins the team as the National Director of Alternative and Rock East Coast. Long time partners, Lida Galka continues as Regional Director of Promotion West Coast and is joined by longtime, legendary veterans BeBop Hobel in the Southeast and Patti Martin in the South. Vice President William Marion added, “It is my pleasure to continue to work with such talented people in the music business. The Gathering has opened up many new possibilities for our company and by forming AMPLIFY, our options are now unlimited!”

“We’re excited about the records we’re working now and looking forward to getting more new music to radio in the coming weeks!  If you want to get your artist and brand a spot on this year’s Gathering, you should start making your reservations right away. We were blown away by how many labels began reserving slots for their artists LAST YEAR!” said Tracy Brown.