94.7 KROQ – Los Angeles

91X – San Diego

The Buzz – Houston

I’m Greg Beharrell.
I host drive on Live 105.
I stalk other radio stations.

KROQ – Los Angeles
KROQ is a Los Angeles based station. Not long ago, U2 (rock band) took over a small club in Los Angeles for a private gig (cool sounding term I invented that means “show”). Instead of the standard grainy/blurry pics or inaudible video, KROQ treated listeners to a highlight reel so beautifully shot that it belongs at Sundance. Check the share numbers. Quality counts. THAT is how you add to what you present on the radio (forgotten medium).

91X – San Diego
The best Mexican food in the world exists in San Diego. 91X knows it, and capitalized on it. I love their “Best Breakfast Burrito” promotion for so many reasons:

1)      It’s an excuse to get out and meet listeners.

2)      It’s always the “weird” stuff that generates word of mouth.

3)      It’s intensely local.

4)      It can spawn so many other paths via other types of food.

5)      It allows DJs to eat, a rarity given current DJ salaries.

The Buzz – Houston
Elliott Wood has created a monster in Houston with The Buzz, and it’s because he fosters a breeding ground for ideas. Their mid-day host is having a doppelganger contest. If you look like her, you win. What I like most about this contest (aside from the interactive and click-bait elements) is it gets the jocks face in front of listeners. Much easier to increase attachment if people can see you’re actually human (or, as is the case with most in our industry, a reasonable facsimile thereof).

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