Honeyblood Honeyblood (Fat Cat)

One of my favorite new bands this summer has been the Scottish duo Honeyblood, consisting of lead singer/guitarist Stina Tweedale and drummer/singer Shona McVicar. I don’t think I would have guessed that there were only two of them making so much “crunch pop” as they call it. Not to say that it’s all loud and raucous tunes. There’s a range of sounds on this impressive debut from fuzzy rockers like “Killer Bangs,” “Fall Forever,” and “Choker” to more harmonious tunes like “Bud,” “(I’d Rather Be) Anywhere But Here,” and “Fortune Cookie.”

We recently had the chance to spend some time with the delightfully charming ladies of Honeyblood for another SubModern Session where they performed live renditions of some of the album’s highlights, plus we found out about all the calls that Stina got from her exes after the release of their venom spewing single “Super Rat” and the very sweet story behind “Killer Bangs.” The session is available HERE and can be embedded on your station’s website or aired on your show.

By Josh T. Landow