Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer for Cumulus/Westwood One takes a look in the latest Westwood One blog at how advertisers can turn to AM/FM radio as a smart way to boost customers in the face of rising paid search costs. In fact, traditional media outperforms social, short-form digital, and search, according to Neustar. A study from Accenture also states that reducing traditional media causes search and social ROI to drop. AM/FM radio solves search’s price inflation crisis by driving powerful ROI and growth in customers.

• Radio delivers for an auto aftermarket retailer: A recent study by Nielsen found a radio campaign for an auto aftermarket retailer resulted in a 48% increase in buyers, a 71% growth in market share, and $21 of incremental sales for every $1 spent in radio.

• Three case studies show radio creates digital impact: A major motorcycle brand’s radio campaign grew website visitation, Amazon saw the strongest sales conversion from radio ads, and there was an increase in website visitation among those who were reached more frequently by a home improvement brand’s radio campaign.

• Allocating 20% of a digital budget to AM/FM radio produces significant reach growth and greater brand impact: Redistributing a percentage of digital dollars to AM/FM radio creates improvement in brand awareness, consideration, purchase, and brand advocacy.

Though search costs continue to rise, AM/FM radio remains a stable and effective alternative for advertisers looking to make an impact.