Former FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel has been nominated to return to the Commission by Donald Trump, in an announcement made late Tuesday night. A Democrat, Rosenworcel served on the FCC from 2012-2016 and left last year because the Senate ran out of time to extend her term. Trump is expected to nominate a Republican soon as well, as there are currently only three members of the five-person FCC.

In a statement, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said, “I congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel on the announcement that President Trump will nominate her to serve another term on the Federal Communications Commission.  She has a distinguished record of public service, including the four-and-a-half years we worked together at this agency, and I look forward to working with her once again to advance the public interest.”

Commissioner Michael O’Rielly stated, “I appreciate the president announcing his intent to nominate my friend, former Commissioner Rosenworcel, for a new term at the Commission.  If the Senate confirms her nomination, she will bring her expertise, insight and thoughtfulness to communications issues.  I look forward to the prospect of returning to work with her on these matters.”

Commissioner Mignon Clyburn added, “I congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel on the announcement of the President’s intent to nominate her to return as a Commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission. Jessica has been a tireless advocate for bridging the “homework gap,” a leader in the effort to modernize our 9-1-1 call centers, and a champion for freeing up more unlicensed spectrum. I look forward to working with her in the fight for an open internet, affordable broadband and strong consumer privacy protections.”

NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith also released a statement, saying, “NAB is delighted to hear that President Trump will renominate Jessica Rosenworcel to the FCC. Commissioner Rosenworcel is supremely qualified for another FCC term, having demonstrated her public service credentials and full command of telecommunications issues during her Commission tenure. NAB strongly supports her renomination and confirmation.”