Mark “Mookie” Kaczor

Public, member-supported Triple-A 88.5 FM/Southern California radio station is promoting former MD and show host, Mark “Mookie” Kaczor to PD. The station is a combined effort of California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and Saddleback College, which began simulcasting as 88.5 FM in October 2017, linking together the Los Angeles County- and Orange County-based signals.

“Mookie has great relationships with the labels, promoters, venues, and our on-air staff. He is very well liked in the industry,” said KCSN General Manager, Patrick Osburn. “His grasp of the Triple A and Alternative formats make him a natural choice to lead 88.5 into the future, growing our audience and ratings. Additionally, Mookie is very good on the air, and most modern day programmers are often hosting their own shows, as well.”

Kaczor joined 88.5-FM approximately three years ago as a deejay and MD. He has been featured on the air on Entercom’s Southern California Alternative station, as well as long time Triple A KPRI/San Diego.

“All I have ever wanted to do was to program a relevant Rock station, and to do it in my home town in So-Cal makes it even sweeter,”  Kaczor said. “We will leave no creative stone unturned during the process of creating great radio.”