By Bob Quick, Quick Radio Consulting

Bob Quick

Kobe Bryant, arguably one of the greatest NBA players of all time, called a friend once at 3:30 in the morning to ask for help. The call startled his friend awake.

What could Kobe want at this hour? Could he be in trouble?

This wasn’t before Kobe was drafted by the Lakers. It wasn’t in his rookie season. It was well into his Hall of Fame worthy career.

The friend Kobe called was his personal trainer, and he need some help while doing conditioning work.

When his trainer got to the gym at 4:30am, Kobe was already drenched in sweat, all by himself, practicing. It looked like he had been swimming in a pool and it was before most morning shows even get to the studio.

Actors rehearse, athletes practice.

What do on-air talent do? Aircheck.

If you don’t aircheck, you’re not honing your craft and you’re not getting better.

If you don’t have a manager that will aircheck with you, swap tapes with a co-worker. If there’s no one willing in your building (or, sadly, no other talent in your building), swap with a friend out of market. It’s almost impossible to learn to:

  • Edit yourself
  • Drop a crutch
  • Brighten up

…just by listening to yourself. And that’s if already you spend the time airchecking yourself.

The only weapons radio has against Pandora, Spotify, or any other of the pure-play streaming services is our on-air talent making a difference in the community and being entertaining on the air. Airchecking helps you improve the second item.

And who knows, your example may spread to other members of your team.

A quick final story about practice…

Michael Jordan, was also known for his fervent practicing. Hours before he ever showed up to the Chicago Bulls facility for team practice, he would be found practicing at his home. As time went on, Scottie Pippen would join him. Then others. Until finally almost the entire team followed suit. Jordan was an example and a leader that raised the performance of his teammates. The results speak for themselves.

Imagine what practice could do for you.


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