April 1, 2016
If you could change the current music cycle of your format,which direction
would take it and which artists would help lead the way?




Jonathan Shuford,WRVW:
I think Pop radio’s in a pretty good place right now. We have a really
good balance of a core sound and superstar artists, and we have
enough of the extremes on either side that help to really hold the format together. There are the DJ Snakes and The Chainsmokers of the world and on the other side you have the James Bay’s and twenty-one pilots of the world.

Brian Mack,WXXL:
Right now the format seems pretty well balanced. There’s a bunch of Rhythm stuff that’s good like G-EAZY. Posner and Flo Rida, you have some Rock with twenty-one pilots, some James Bay guitar, there’s good Pop/ballads from Ruth B and Lukas Graham, and you have good girl/Pop with Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez. Top 40 is currently more balanced than normal.

Erik Bradley, B96:
I wish the biggest smashes at the format were all uptempo, fun, positive + feel good songs. Although that’s unrealistic it’d be
my preference!

Gina Gray,WERO:
I would take it much more up-tempo andTaylor Swift would lead the way because she’s the leader of the Top 40 pack right now anyway…we can turn BOB 93 3 into TAYLOR 933 3!

Randi West, WMTX:
I actually like the
direction of the format right now.





Kobe, WWHT:
I love the EDM influence, so I’d further encourage that and play more of the lesser known EDM acts, like FLUME, Alan Walker, andDillon Francis. Other than that I’d like to see some more Pop friendly Hip-Hop make its way back.

Kim Neaton, WEQX – Steer it away from these pop songs that are either trying to use Alt as a stepping stone or just
really don’t belong, because, they’re not alternative, they’re just safe. I’d want to see more acts like Jungle, Lewis
Del Mar, Joywave, Jack Garratt, (and older acts
like Bloc Partyand
Hot Chip) that sound
fresh, and interesting,
have their own sound, but still can play with real instruments in the live setting. Also “rock” music that doesn’t fit in the narrow minded active format. Stuff like The
Moth & The Flame, The Heavy, DMAs, Bohicas, Bully are just a few we’re really into. SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC EVERYWHERE. Take more chances on being a little weird, fun, and quirky, that’s what alternative is right? The wonderful, interesting, exciting, musical island of misfit toys. Also just listen to “Back Pocket” by Vulfpeck, because we’re all obsessed with it over here and it’s a feel good spring time jam for sure.

Mark Adams, KYLD/KIOI
I would welcome a return to the “Bedrock” foundations of Rock n’ Roll. IncludingAnn Margrock, The Beau Brummelstones, The Way Outs, and who could forget
Roll Roll’s “Twitch” and
Hi-Fye’s “Listen to the rocking bird”? Fred & Wilma could really cook, Daddy-O.Jon Zellner, iHeartMedia:
Top 40 always does best when the music cycle is right down the middle and led by superstars. I can’t think of anyone better to lead the way than Justin Timberlake.johnmayer_100




John Mayer, WFLZ:
I actually like where the music cycle currently is. You have a little bit of everything that’s working, which is what Top 40 is
all about. You have songs
from Lukas Grahamand James Bay that are working, and you have songs from Flo Rida and Chain smokers that are
also working. Top 40’s a good mix of songs right now.

Maybe back to the EDM phase. Let Calvin, Diplo/Major Laser,Kygo, and The Chain smokers
lead the way.

Toby Knapp, WIHT:
We don’t need to change the cycle, because Joe
“The KING” Riccitelli and theRCA team are about to unleash some major mainstream pop goodness upon us from some of the biggest names core to the format and it will be glorious. Oh yes. Glorious. I say unto you again… GLORIOUS!

Mike “OD” O’Donnell, WKRZ:
I would ban ballads for
the next nine months,
and we need new hits
from Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons and Bruno Mars.

Matt Taulluto, WBYR:
I’m personally done with overproduced metal and bands that haven’t caught on that the Cookie
Monster growling: A.) Is beyond played out. B.) doesn’t require much talent. I’m finding something very attractive with the bands that
sound raw. The bands
that are just plugging in and playing flaws and all. Leading the way? Rival Sons, Royal Blood andHighly Suspect.
Just a few by the way.

Chris Payne: KRZQ,
Less pop, more ACTUAL Alternative music, take away the keyboards and
the bullsh_t that’s being peddled as Alt., and ask John Coffey to save the format.

Todd Lyons, KATS:
I would take the Rock format UP and PLEASE
tell me which artists
would help lead the way!





R Dub! Z90:
Well obviously, I’d love to see more Slow Jam smashes in the format today. There were many years in the 90s, where
you couldn’t get away
from ballads: K-Ci & Jo Jo,
Boyz II Men, R. Kelly, Aaliyah…so many! Today, artists like The Weeknd, John Legend and Usher could help resurrect a
Slow Jams comeback!
For now, at least we have Sunday nights.

I’d like to see it more
Rhythmic based.Bruno Mars with some more “Uptown Funk” type of records and Justin Timberlake because he always delivers.

Terry Stevens, WOZZ:
I’d really like to see more alt-leaning metal take the
spotlight like System of a
Down and Tool did in the
early 2000’s. Avatar, 12 Foot Ninja, Kontrust, etc. are doing some really
cool stuff, but it’s
an acquired taste that I wish more mainstream listener would acquire.





Jared Banks, KUDD:
I think Pop is in a really good place right now.

ALT gave us a TON of
great hits the last few
years but there is so
much great straight
ahead Pop music. The Bieber, Meghan Trainor, and Taylor had a monster 18 months and a roster of
new acts that are
chomping at the chance to get real airplay. I think acts like Conrad Sewell, DNCE, Hailee Steinfeld and so many others have Pop in a good place for
developing new talent to carry the format!

Jeff Hurley, iHeartMedia:
I wish the superstar releases were more spread out, to allow some of the younger acts room to breathe on the charts.

Willobee Carlson, KRZQ
We are already doing that
and playing more guitar
driven music with bands like Highly Suspect, Ghost, Deftones, Three Doors Down.

Sean “Rabbi” Tyszler, WMMR:
A little more aggressive…besides the Five Finger
Death Punchs, Avenged Sevenfolds and Slipknots
of the world, I would love to play other bands like Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage and Trivium to name a few.

Jason Reed, WAEZ:
I like it. Let’s keep it

Sassy, WKXJ: Polka!

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