What was the most overlooked record (or artist) for your format in 2005?

“This Is Your Life.”
Maxwell/KSMB: Gorillaz 
“Feel Good Inc.”Erik Bradley/B96: Bobby Valentino. He has a ton of talent and I wish he had connected with the audience better. Hopefully on his next project 
he’ll get his props!Bruce St. James/KKFR:Amerie.

Fisher/WHZT: John Legend.

Chris Marino/WLDI: Keith Urban “You’ll Think Of Me.” 
Big research record for me.

Kasper/WAKS: Xscape 
“What’s Up.”

Dylan Sprague
Click Five “Just the Girl.”
Sue O’Neil/WKSE:John Legend.

Brotha Fred/KHFI: Natasha Bedingfield. But 2006 is looking better for her.

JT Bosch/WLAN: Switchfoot “Stars.”

Alan Fox
Anna Nalick.
Danny Wright
: Scissor Sisters “Filthy Gorgeous.”

Keith Allen/WILN: Nelly 
“Fly Away.”

Eric Chase/WTWR: Howie Day.

Toby Knapp/WNOK:
Crossfade. Just went back into Power.

Angel Garcia
Lil’ Rob “Bring The Freak Out.”
Brent Carey/WTWR:Crossfade “Cold.”

Skyy/XM: Reina “Forgive.” Great artist and how can you go wrong with a remake of a country song.

Dan Bozyk/KUFO: Danko Jones “Lovercall.”

Eddie Gutieriez/KJEE: The Bravery “An Honest Mistake.”

Paul Driscoll/WFNX: The Arcade Fire “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out).”

Michele Diamond/WROX:Hawthorne Heights “Ohio Is 
For Lovers.”

Lynn Barstow/KROX:Stellastarr*.

Capone/WHRL: Head Automatica “Beating Heart Baby.”

Dave Hanacek/KJEE: Pinback “Fortress.” It was huge for us, but didn’t do much anywhere else.

Sparky/KIBZ: Beautiful Creatures “Deuce.”

Kenny Allen/KMBY: Tegan 
And Sara or Keane.

Monte Montana/KNCN:Supagroup “It Takes Balls.”

J.R./WHEB: Alter Bridge “Find The Real.”


Tori Thomas/WZZO:
Shinedown’s Leave A WhisperCD still had some life left in it during the very early part of ’05. I also think Mainstream Rock should’ve shown a little more love to Theory Of A Deadman.
Michael Cross/KFMW: Danko Jones “Lovercall.”Tim Parker/WNOR: The Mars Volta “The Widow.”Steve Raymond/WZXL: Alter Bridge, they’re very talented musicians.

Doug Podell/WRIF: Silvertide.

Courtney Quinn/WLZX:Submersed “Hollow” (great song, band killed live) and The Mars Volta “The Widow.”

Tony Waitekus/WHTS: “Crazy” by Simple Plan. It’s testing quite well for me now. It was a hit that wasn’t given enough time.

Matt Sneed/WPST: Josh Kelly “Only You.” It should have been a lot bigger than it was.

Matt Spry/KFMA: Thrice 
“Image Of The Invisible.”

Seth Resler
Green Day.
Bobby Sato
Muse “Hysteria.”

Bob Patrick/WXLK: Backstreet Boys and Mario’s “How Could You.”

Scott Petibone/WKRL: The Audioslave track they didn’t go for.


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