August 3,2018

If you could go back in radio history and be a part of a legendary morning, afternoon-drive or night show, what show would it be and what role would you have wanted to play?

Alex Tear, Y100: The Electrifying Mojo in Detroit, legendary late-night show (WJLB or WHYT), I’d want to be a producer and a FT mixer.

Jonathan Reed, WNOK: The Freak Show on Q102/Philly.  I would play the role of the single partying frat guy that never grew up.  That was such a fun show to listen to! “HOT GIRL CHECK-IN!”

Jon Zellner. iHeartMedia: Board op for Scott, Ross and the Z Morning Zoo.

Kobi, WNRW/WLGX: Romeo‘s sidekick when he was on Z100/New York at night or part of the Russ Parr Morning Show back in the day growing up.


Jeff Hurley, WLAN: The producer for the Howard Stern show back in the late eighties/early nineties when the show was at its terrestrial apex. Just to see that show in motion every day would have been a great experience. There are only a few people on radio’s Mt. Rushmore and he’s definitely one of them.

Fish Boy, WKRZ: Anything having to do with the Casey Kasem show just watch him operate and how he worked.

Chris Mann, WERO: The Morning Zoo at Z100 with Scott Shannon and I would be the stunt boy.

Brian Mack, WXXL: First choice would be the Howard Stern show in its heyday. I’d have to do something super-mindless like a phone-screener because I wouldn’t want to think, I would just want to watch and enjoy everything going on. Honorable mention would be Harry Harrison The Morning Mayor at CBS-FM in NYC in the eighties playing all that doo-wop music. That brings back a lot of memories.

Gina Gray, WERO: Any shift at 96.3 and 103.7 The Hot FM in Morehead City in the triple-wide, those were magical times!

R Dub! Z90: Best question ever!!! I would’ve killed to even have been an intern or phone screener for Bartell Bartell of 102 Jamz WJHM/Orlando or Kevin “Slow Jammin’” Jams at KKBT/Los Angeles. Fun fact: I later became Kevin’s PD! How insane is that?!

Jammer, WEZB: The Howard Stern Show. Pig Vomit or Fred Norris.


Mike McVay, Cumulus Media: Larry Lujack mornings on either WLS-AM or WCFL-AM in Chicago.  I would have wanted to be Little Tommy.

Kobe, WWHT: I would’ve loved to be in the room at any point for Howard Stern in his heyday of terrestrial. Being his co-host would’ve been the best.

Matt Johnson, KSLZ: Hands down, I would be a programming intern for KHJ/Los Angeles circa ‘65- ‘70.

Derrick “DC” Cole, WAEB: I would’ve been on with Howard Stern back in the day when he was in my home state of Connecticut on “The Rock” 106.9 WCCC! I would have done any role, including just being an intern.

Kevin Kash, WIYY: Even though he didn’t have a partner, I would’ve wanted to work with the Greaseman in his heyday. Talented guy.

Max Volume, KOZZ: The station…KPPC. The morning show was the Firesign Theater.


Mase, CD1025: If I could go back in time I wouldn’t be in radio…I would be Peter Criss.

Mike “OD” O’Donnell, WKRZ: The station would be KISS 108 in the eighties. I’d be the producer for Matty In The Morning, and Dale Dorman in afternoon drive. I loved Matty’s show and most of my influence came from Dale Dorman.

Mike Miller, WZFT: Part of The Freak Show at Q102/Philly.

Chris Michaels, FM100: I grew up on The Big Ape Morning Zoo at WAPE, so it would definitely be that show. I would be the co-host of the Morning Zoo.

Randi West, WMTX: Howard Stern’s co-host at any time and just because I’d have stories to tell for life.


Bob Patrick, WXLK: The Howard Stern Show for sure. I would have loved to sit behind Fred Norris and watch him do his thing without knocking over 10 stacks of carts. He’s obscenely underappreciated in the annals of radio history.

Jonathan Shuford, WRVW: The Bob & Tom Show, WFBQ back in the nineties.

Rick Vaughn, Power 94.9: Wolfman Jack. I’d grill meat on a RF out the window.

Big Rob, KSME: Man, with the passing of radio legend Steve Cooper recently, I would have LOVED to have done a show with him. It would have been so amazing. We didn’t get to spend nearly enough time on a mic together. RIP COOP!

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