February 2, 2018

What did you think of this year’s Grammys and what were your performance highlights?

JB King, KLUC: Great performances with important messages. I thought energy of Kendrick Lamar was great and the simplicity of P!nk was perfect.

Heather Deluca, WSJO: I found myself generally bored by the whole ceremony, but P!nk, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars always save the day. I loved seeing Bruno Mars pick up Album of the Year. Well deserved.

Dom Theodore, Radio Animal Media Strategies: I must say the political pandering in most of these award shows is getting old.

Jon Zellner, iHeartMedia: Good show this year. Favorites were Elton and Miley, Pink and U2, but I thought that Eric Church, Maren Morris and Brothers Osborne stole the show with “Tears in Heaven.”

Sassy, WKXJ: ​I agreed with Bruno, TOO MANY BALLADS.  I want to dance not cry over my life and choices.

Gina Gray, WERO: Not one of my favorite Grammy shows. There are no real bands anymore that stand out and are relevant.  It’s very sad to me.

Paul “Cubby” Bryant, WKTU: B+, it would have given it a A if it wasn’t for the length. But great show with Kesha (and friends) being the best performance of the night.

Joe Detomaso, WAQX: Overall I thought it was pretty good. My favorite performances were Gary Clark Jr. doing the Fats Domino/Chuck Berry tribute and Childish Gambino. Both were really good!

Kevin Kash, WIYY: I couldn’t watch as my streaming service was buffering all night. Best performance was for the sleep that I got.

Roxy Myzal: Chris Stapleton, Elton & Miley, Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars & U2

Terri Ray, WKLT/WKLZ: My favorite parts of the show were the comedic bits like Sting and Shaggy with James Cordon getting yelled out for singing on the subway, and the celebrities reading excerpts from “Fire and Fury.” Other than that it was nice to see Rock represented with the performances by U2, Elton John and Sting.

Java Joel, WAKS: Pleasantly surprised Alessia Cara won Best New Artist. Thought for sure Kendrick Lamar was gonna win Album Of The Year.  Kendrick has most memorable performance.

Elizabethany, WIHT: I think they need to remember the importance of spreading out the ballads. While there were a lot of individually powerful performances, as a whole- the show felt flat. They should have let James Corden run away with his own creativity more, and just more creativity in general.

Jonathan Reed, WNOK: Liked Logic and Kesha for their messages. Liked Bruno Mars because he lightened up the room with a really great performance.

Bob Patrick, WXLK: Didn’t watch but I did catch the Bruno Mars performance with Cardi B. I enjoyed it alot. Love the record.

Kobi, WNRW/WLGX: They were pretty good. Liked Kendrick Lamar, Logic and DJ Khaled with Rihanna and Khalid.

Kobe, WWHT: I thought the show at times tried too hard to be funny. Performances highlights were Kesha (very powerful), Logic, Bruno and Cardi B, and Kendrick Lamar did a great job too.

Reid, KZZP: Bruno Mars for pure pop un and Kesha for sending a message.

Matt Talluto, WBYR: Bruno Mars is the s**t! But they keep dropping the ball on Rock. Foo Fighters is arguably one of the biggest bands on the planet. To exclude the category they won from the live broadcast is just lame. And enough with the political s**t! Be it singers, actors, etc., my opinions are not influenced by you! I go to music and movies to FORGET about that stuff. Like Bruno said, “Let’s bring the party back to this show!”

Mase, WWCD: I actually only watched a little of it and nothing really stood out.


Max Volume, KOZZ: Since Rock n Roll music was absent in the show, I was absent in the audience!

Rich Davis, KDWB: Obviously Kesha was a moment. Camila Cabello and her speech were pretty great as well. For me P!nk always crushes it. Whether hanging upside down from ropes or just an understated performance like last night, she is one of the very best.  I was also Impressed with Kendrick!

Brian Mack, WXXL: I only saw some performances, but Kesha (with all the accompanying artists) was moving.

Rick Vaughn, Power 94.9: It was NOT entertaining. Not fun, not funny. Performances were okay for the most part. If I wasn’t in the business, I wouldn’t be putting it on my calendar as a must-watch in 2019.

Randy West, WMTX: It was just okay for me but the Kesha performance stole the show for me.

Jonathan Shuford, WRVW: Kesha’s performance was spectacular and important culturally. Logic was great, I thought U2 was cool, but all in all I thought the show was pretty underwhelming this year.

Mike “OD” O’Donnell, WKRZ: I think it was average overall. I really liked the Corden, Sting, Shaggy bit on the subway. Let’s leave the politics out of these shows. The music is what unites people.

Terry O’Donnell, WKKF : I sat up all night waiting for the all-star tribute to Air Supply. It didn’t happen.

Paul Kelly, WWAC: P!nk was her usual amazing self and Kesha’s performance was also a standout for me. I did find myself fast forwarding through some of it though and there was a clear lack of representation for the hip hop and rock genres.

Jason Squires, KFRR: I thought both Rumble matches were good and the Rousey thing could’ve been done a little better, but both her AND Asuka need to be protected, so overall solid. What’s a Grammy?


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