June 1, 2018

What technology/mobile device do you use/like the least, almost to the point that you could live without it?

Rick Vaughn, Power 94.9: You’re asking the guy who threw his Blackberry into the Gulf of Mexico while trying to take vacation in 2008. My smartphone is next.

Dom Theodore, Radio Animal Media Strategies: I force myself to put down my iPhone on weekends…or at least I try.

Fish Boy, WKRZ: All I need is my smartphone and my PlayStation 4 which I wouldn’t give up for the world. The rest I can live without.

Jonathan Shuford, WRVW: I struggle to find ways to use my dot matrix printer.


Chris Michaels, FM100: Believe it or not, my iPad. Used to use it daily, but the larger iPhone gets a lot more use now.

Valentine, WBHT: I have to take the flip side of this one. I love technology as it makes life easier. Why hate something that brings convenience to our lives?!

Chris K, The End: I think we’re all way too addicted to our smartphones. The less time we can spend on our smartphones and the more time with our families would be better for all of us.

Matt Talluto, WYBR: Probably my wife’s marital aid. Still really haven’t found much use for that myself. (That’s a good thing, right?)


Matt Johnson, KSLZ: I could totally lose the Fit Bit and not give a hoot about how man steps I walked in a day or how well I’m sleeping. Fit Bit, RIP!

Jammer, WEZB: Cable TV.

Jeff Hurley, WLAN: Facebook is garbage these days. The only reason I use it is for work.


Kobe, WWHT: My Garmin,don’t need it.

Mark Adams, KYLD/KIOI: I’ve recently been re-thinking my acquisition of the tri-blade, twelve speed, serrated steel edged, 500 HP, hedge trimmer with the built in iPhone 10 functionality. It seems unsafe.

Java Joel, WAKS: TV. I rarely watch it.



Jonathan Reed, WNOK: My iPad.

Joey Brooks, WHYI/WMIA: GSelector!

R Dub! Z90: My pager. Literally, like barely no one even pages me anymore.


Mase, CD1025: My Betamax.

Skywalker, WSPK: I love cell phones in general…as far as on air calls. I miss land line quality.

Jason Reed, WAEZ: My laptop. With my smartphone and iPad I don’t need it. At home we use the laptop for son to what a video on…when it works.

Terry O’Donnell, WKKF: It’s certainly not my fax machine, I couldn’t live without that. I hardly ever use my Tablet. Who needs a tablet when you have a smartphone?

Brian Michel, iHeartMedia / Atlanta: I don’t if the car qualifies as a device but it is mobile and I’m sick of sitting in traffic. Could live without it.

Derrick “DC” Cole, WAEB: I continue to use my DVD player so I can watch my WWF “The Rock” DVD’s on repeat!

Sassy, WKXJ: I used to think Snapchat was all that, but I don’t need it anymore now that Instagram basically does the same thing. Why am I snapping myself when I can “snap myself” on Instagram? I’m going to make a declaration and say that by the end of 2019, Snapchat will be over.

Todd Lyons, KATS: While I use it way too much, that is precisely the reason that I could live without a flippin’ smartphone! They are truly a device designed in hell.

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