June 8, 2018

What do think will be the hottest songs for your format for the summer of 2018?

Alex Tear, Y100: Definitely Post Malone “Better Now,” and I think the Sofia Reyes “1,2,3” single (especially for the Miami region) can certainly catch fire this summer.

Jonathan Shuford, WRVW: Drake “Nice for What,” Post Malone “Better Now” is going to be a monster, I’m still very bullish on Shawn Mendes “In My Blood” I think that’s going to be huge this summer, and Bazzi “Mine” which is going to be a #1 record.

Kobe, WWHT: I think “Friends” will have a lot of staying power well into the summer. Arian Grande “No Tears Left to Cry.” Plus one personal pick for the clubs: Tiesto & Dzeko f/Preme & Post Malone “Jackie Chan.”  It’s great! It’s so hot. Once you hear it, it’s summertime personified!

Mike Klein, WHZT: Drake “Nice For What,” Post Malone “Ball For You,” Cardi B “I Like It.”



Rod Phillips, iHeartMedia: We have several! “Old Dominion Hotel Key,” the new FGL, the new Luke Bryan and one I just heard that I can’t even say!  Will be a great summer for Country!

Terry O’Donnell, WKKF: I’m thinking this Weezer remake of Toto’s “Africa’” shows some serious promise.

Kobi, WNRW/WLGX: Drake “Nice For What,” Childish Gambino “This Is America,” Liam Payne f/J Balvin “Familiar,” Maroon 5 f/Cardi B “Girls Like You,” Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa “One Kiss”.

Java Joel, WAKS: Post Malone “Psycho” & “Better Now,” Cardi B “I Like It.”

Matt Johnson, KSLZ: Drake “Nice for What,” Pharrell Williams & Camila Cabello “Sangria Wine,” Maroon 5 “Girls Like You.”


Jonathan Reed, WNOK: Post Malone “Better Now,” Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa “One Kiss,” Bryce Vine “Drew Barrymore,” Bazzi “Mine.”

Derrick “DC” Cole, WAEB: This Lauv track has been something I’ve been loving going into summer. The BTS is something worth playing with for the right audience and could be something for this summer.  I’m guessing both of these can be found on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s playlist while working out too.

Jon Zellner, iHeartMedia: Alessia Cara “Growing Pains,” Bazzi, “Mine,” Taylor Swift “Delicate.”

Jason Reed, WAEZ: Bazzi “Mine,” and anything Post Malone does is going to be massive this summer.

Bob Patrick, WXLK: Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa “One Kiss,” Post Malone ‘Better Now,” Backstreet Boys “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

Fish Boy, WKRZ: Cardi B “I Like It,” Maroon 5 “Girls Like You” (such a natural for us), and the Liam Payne “Familiar” could be a big summer record if people get behind it and start rolling with it.

JB King, KLUC: Cardi B “I Like It” and Khalid “Love Lies”


Chris K, The End: Cardi B “I Like It” should be a big one. Selena Gomez “Back To You” should be right there as well, and I really like the Noah Cyrus/Max and think it’s going to e a hit this summer.

Jeff Hurley, WLAN: Post Malone “Better Now” should be huge this summer. I think Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” is going to be one of those memorable songs and is catching fire just at the right time. Dua Lipa “IDGAF” should be real big because the timing is going to work out good as it should really start kicking in big-time mid-to-late June and have a solid run right thru summer.

Mike Miller, WZFT: Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa “One Kiss,” Maroon 5 f/Cardi B “Girls Like You,” Cardi B “I Like It.”


Valentine, WBHT: Camila Cabello “Never Be the Same,” Maroon 5 f/Cardi B “Girls Like You” it’s still early for this one but I think it’s a summer smash, Selena Gomez “Back To You.”

Chris Michaels, FM100: Backstreet Boys “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” and Lovelytheband “Broken.”

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