May 3, 2019

Tiger Woods recently had a “great comeback,” who else (from any professional field and from any era) do you believe also had great comebacks in their respective careers?

Jon Zellner, iHeartMedia: Long list of actors, athletes and musicians. Actors: Rob Lowe, Neil Patrick Harris, Robert Downey, Jr. and Drew Barrymore. Athletes: Joe Montana, Magic Johnson, Roger Federer and Bethany Hamilton. Music: Cher, Santana, Tina Turner, Aerosmith and Mariah Carey.

Matt Johnson, KSLZ: America loves a comeback and “We Belong Together” came out after that Glitter mess with Mariah Carey and put her right back on top. What a great comeback story that was at the time.

Mike McVay, Cumulus Media: Michael Jordan had an amazing comeback with the Bulls. Same for LeBron James when he returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Actor Rob Lowe came back from scandal.

Orlando, WLLD: Robert Downey Jr.

Jammer, WEZB: Madonna.

Ally Reid, WFLY: We’re witnessing one right now with the Jonas Brothers.

Sassy, WKXJ: Lady Gaga hands down! She was down for the count and went from touring with Tony Bennett to winning a Grammy and Oscar, and having one of the biggest songs in recent memory and back on the top of the Pop world. A star was reborn!

Todd Shannon, WAPE: Currently, I can’t believe the way the Jonas Brothers have come back. It’s just incredible! Also, Tina Turner’s eighties comeback was also pretty impressive.

Roxy Myzal: Joe Biden

Kobi, WNRW/WLGX: Michael Jordan from #23 to #45 and another Championship.

Jonathan Shuford, WRVW: It might be the low hanging fruit, but what the Jonas Brothers are doing right now is pretty impressive. Also, Robert Downey, Jr. going from rehab to Iron man was a great comeback of sorts.

Java Joel, WAKS: Billy Ray Cyrus, obviously.

Jonathan Reed, WNOK: Adam Wainwright from the St. Louis Cardinals and CC Sabathia from the New York Yankees for finding new ways to pitch.

Chris K, The End: I heard a new Madonna song this week with Swae Lee that sounds really good, so Madonna just might have a little bit of comeback in her this year. I loved to see Buster Posey have a comeback this year, my Giants certainly need it!

Rick Vaughn, KENZ: Curt Schilling and his bloody sock, 2004 Red Sox run to through the World Series.


Valentine, WBHT: With all the Avengers hype, I feel I have to say Robert Downey Jr.

Max Volume, KOZZ: Robert Downey Jr. He was the brunt of late night jokes. Turned his life around. Became Iron Man!

Kevin Kash, WIYY: Aerosmith comes to mind. George Foreman, vampires (shout out to True Blood) and maybe Dane Cook?  No? Ok, scratch that last one.

Jeremy Rice, WBLI: Tiger’s comeback has been AMAZING. Ben Hogan had an amazing comeback in 1953 from a brutal car crash. Tom Watson almost and should have won the British Open in 2009 at age 59, this is still extremely painful to me to this day. The Scottish wind came out of nowhere after he hit his 8 Iron perfectly but the gust pushed the ball over the green and thus a bogey. I was happy to see Andre Agassi make a comeback in the second part of his career. John Travolta made a BIG comeback in the 90’s, probably because of Pulp Fiction. In music, Elvis had a really nice comeback in the late part of his career 1968, by then he was no longer the hot young guy from the 1950’s.

Mike “OD” O’Donnell, WKRZ: Jonas Brothers have a comeback and a half going on right now. Lady Gaga has also had a great comeback recently.

Jeff Hurley, WLAN: One of the best chart comebacks of all-time was P!NK “U + Ur Hand.”

Kobe, WWHT: Dave Chapelle, to go away as long as he did in disappearing from the Chapelle Show, and then coming back and signing a huge deal with Netflix and having his comedy specials being the talk of the town. The way Lady Gaga reinvented herself and propelled right back into the mainstream of Pop Culture. And from left field, Andrew “Dice” Clay, with his role in “Star” and his series on Showtime.

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