November 27. 2019

With Thanksgiving being such a universal family holiday, in a fictional sense, which TV or movie family would you find entertaining to share the day with?

Mark Medina, Z100: The Griswolds, this would make my family seem perfectly normal and buttoned up!


Matt Johnson, KSLZ: Has to be Family Guy, the Griffins all the way. No matter how sophisticated we all think we are, we all have a little Peter Griffin in us.

Mike “OD” O’Donnell, WKRZ: I would want to spend it with the Seinfeld crew and at the restaurant they always hung out at.

Java Joel, WAKS: Entertaining… although I’d be suspect of the food… that old 80s British sitcom, The Young Ones. By the way- everyone subscribe to my 80s pop music podcast, This Week In The 80s. Now available on the iHeartRadio app.

Valentine, WBHT: The Kardashians, never a dull moment!

Rob Roberts, Cox Media Group: The Simpsons.

Chris Michaels, FM100: Meet The Fockers! Just sitting at the dinner table watching Jack go after Greg Focker.

Jonathan Shuford, WRVW: The Taylor family from Home Improvement. Great comedy, and Tim Allen is really funny and would be very entertaining.

Beata Murphy, KIIS: Friends.



Rick Vaughn, KENZ: Probably the Everybody Loves Raymond gang. I think the meal would be pretty good, as long as his Mom’s cooking.

Fish, WKRZ: Rick and Morty.

Jonathan Reed, WNOK: The cast from Shameless because there would be some drinks involved!

Jon Zellner, iHeartMedia: TV family – Brady Bunch. Movie family – Family Stone.

Todd Shannon, WAPE: Have to go with the Griswolds. That would be a blast!


Rod Phillips, iHeartMedia: SO many good options here, does Die Hard count? I guess I’ll have to officially pick National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Start the holidays off right!

Buzz Knight, Beasley Media Group: My favorite movie this time of year is the legendary Planes, Trains & Automobiles as a backdrop to life on the road. I need that stark reminder to never live the John Candy pillow scene no matter how daunting the travel unfolds. To date I’ve been lucky!

Sassy, WKXJ: The Huxtable family, pre-Bill Cosby trial era.

Jeremy Rice, WBLI: Some sort of content showing our appreciation of Indigenous People and that we owe them an apology for incorrectly depicting them in film and history books.

Kobe, WWHT: The Griswold family because it’s always a sh*t show!

Jagger, WKSS: The Griswolds! Who wouldn’t want to hang out with Clark Griswold.


Kevin Kash, WWEG: Happy Days ‘cause you get to hang with the Fonz. Second choice – the Gallaghers on Shameless.

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