R Dub! – Americans Against Spam Callers (AASC)

Nationally syndicated radio personality and Program Director of San Diego Top 40 Z90 (XHTZ-FM) and Magic 92.5 (XHRM-FM), Randy “R Dub!” Williams, announced today, the formation of Americans Against Spam Callers (AASC), a newly founded not for profit organization battling illegal telemarketing and robo-calling.

For years the radio personality has been plagued by unknown numbers with telemarketers, robots and hang ups on the other end. His solution? He simply stopped answering the phone. But this time, that strange number was no solicitor. It was the doctors calling from San Diego’s Sharp Memorial Hospital to inform the DJ that his elderly mother had been involved in a serious car accident.

“When I finally checked my voicemail, my heart hit the floor,” said R Dub! “Not just because my mom was hurt, but because she’d spent the last two days in the hospital, alone, all by herself. I felt so horrible that I wasn’t there, all because I’d been conditioned to be afraid to answer my phone.”

“Until now, it had just been an annoyance, but now it’s personal,” said R Dub!, whose mission for establishing AASC is to identify companies employing illegal telemarketing practices and hold them accountable.

“One of the main problems, is that these guys hide behind fake “spoof” numbers and hang up on anyone who questions them, running off and disappearing like the cockroaches they are. Our company has employed techniques to first identify the source of the calls, and then go after the companies, shining a bright spotlight on the offenders and calling them out on their crap. We’re working hand in hand with
the FTC to ensure the maximum punishments are delivered. They can’t hide from us.”

Companies who violate federal telemarketing rules are subject to civil penalties of up to $40,000 per violation.

The new AASC website includes action steps to catch telemarketers calling from spoof numbers, an index of current federal telemarketing laws, and a “Scum List,” featuring the names of companies caught in the act, including audio of illegal calls. The website is www.fightcallspammers.com.