Sam Roberts Band Lo-Fantasy (Paper Bag)

Sam Roberts Band
(Paper Bag)

When a band has been around for as long as Sam Roberts Band has, there are always those fans who who say “I like their old stuff better.” With the release of SRB’s sixth album Lo-Fantasy a few weeks ago, I find myself saying the opposite. I love the way that Sam Roberts Band has evolved and improved album after album with Lo-Fantasy perhaps being their best work yet!

Recognizing that they were heading in a more danceable direction, SRB chose to work with Youth (Killing Joke, The Orb), a producer who they knew would push them beyond their comfort zone. That’s not to say that Lo-Fantasy doesn’t sound like a Sam Roberts Band album, because it does, but with a little extra something to it (including a bonus disc of full-on dance remixes). Delving a bit deeper than first single “We’re All In This Together,” you’ll find the equally excellent “Shapeshifters,” “The Hands of Love,” Kid Icarus,” “Too Far,” and smooth album closer “Golden Hour.”

Hear a few of those songs performed live in our latest SubModern Session, recorded at World CafĂ© Live in Philadelphia. It’s available for you to download and play on your show HERE or embed from Soundcloud.

Catch Sam Roberts Band at the SXSW “M For Montreal” showcase on March 13th or on tour on the west coast and Midwest throughout March. Get more info and dates at or

By Josh T. Landow