Scott Mahalick and Phil Becker

Alpha Media Executive Vice President, Scott Mahalick is resigning from the company after nearly 10 years of service. Alpha Media CEO Bob Proffitt shared, “Scott’s contributions are far too numerous to mention but suffice it to say that Scott’s work ethic, competitiveness, and passion are woven into Alpha in many ways. Scott is and will always remain a huge Alpha fan, cheerleader, and significant shareholder in the Company.”

Mahalick comments, ” It’s been a pleasure to contribute to Alpha for the past decade and lead our high-performance team. I want to thank Larry Wilson, Bob Proffitt, Donna Heffner our Regional Presidents and John Grossi for supporting my innovative crazy ideas.” Scott’s final day will be April 8th.

Concurrently, Proffitt has announced that Phil Becker who has worked under Mahalick for the last 5 years as the Vice President of Programming and Content now steps into the newly open EVP role. Proffitt shares, ” Phil has shown over the years amazing leadership, creativity, forward thinking and management skills. We are thrilled with what he has done with the company so far and I’m excited to welcome him to our core executive team.”

Becker expressed his gratitude for Mahalick and enthusiasm for the future at Alpha Media. “I can’t thank Scott enough for bringing me into Alpha and for letting me work alongside him for the last 5 years. The two of us have accomplished some remarkable things together and I want to thank Bob for allowing me the opportunity to continue to do so. Alpha is a ‘think differently’ kind of company and I look forward to working closer with all departments.”