June 25, 2018

John “Spice Boy” Boulos hanging with the Spice Girls (Baby & Ginger) in France in the late 90s.

Seal drops by KRBE/Houston in 1991. (l-r): Paul “Cubby” Bryant, Cheryl Broz, Scott Sparks

Arrested Development hanging in WCKZ (Kiss 102)/Charlotte in the early 90s. (l-r): EMI’s Ron Carter, Erik Bradley and morning co-host/New Director Helen Little.

The Elektra crew smoking only Cuba’s finest back in the mid-90s. (l-r): George Cappellini, Don Coddington, Erik Olesen and Matt Pollack.

KMXB/Las Vegas hosted “Shopping With You” and Jessica Simpson in 2003. (l-r): APD Justin Chase, Simpson, and PD Charese Fruge.

Ricky Martin’s first promo tour in 1998 hits McAllen, Texas. (l-r): KBFM OM Billy Santiago, Ricky, APD/MD Jeff “Hitman” DeWitt, Columbia’s Shawna Miller and Lee Leipsner.

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