Dave Monks All Signs Point To Yes (Dine Alone)

Dave Monks
All Signs Point To Yes
(Dine Alone)

Canadian indie rockers Tokyo Police Club have been longtime SubModern favorites, going back to their 2007 EP A Lesson In Crime. During the making of last year’s TPC album Forcefield, singer/bassist Dave Monks moved to New York City from his “home and native land” of Canada. Monks also got into a new relationship, which helped inspire the songs that make up his first solo release, the EP All Signs Point To Yes.

The six song set is full of minimalist, charming tunes, kicking off with the handclaps and keyboards of “Vegas.” You’ve heard the single “Gasoline,” which is actually one of the mellower tracks on the EP, with its tasteful brushed drums and keyboard flourishes. “The Rules” is a standout, bringing the hooks that Monks is known for from TPC, and culminating into almost a mini-Arcade Fire catharsis at the very end. “Heartbeat Blues” is a wistful song about feeling invisible to people all around you.

In the end, All Signs Point To Yes is a slight but very likeable collection of winning songs. Monks has been on a short solo tour which brought him to MilkBoy in Philadelphia, where we recorded his set for another SubModern Session. Listen to this exclusive performance and interview with FMQB‘s Josh T. Landow HERE and share it with your listeners on your station’s website or social media. If you’re interested in airing this or any SubModern Session on your show, please contact jlandow@fmqb.com.

~ By Joey Odorisio