Cumulus Hot AC WPLJ/New York signed off  at 7pm on Friday night closing the book on 48 years of radio/music history. On Thursday (5/30), station legends, past and present shared memories both in the hallways and on-air with tributes to the iconic Big Apple station.

Among the names seen in and around the building and on-air: Mitch Dolan, Tom Cuddy, Louie Diaz, Scott Shannon. Harry Kapsalis, Brad Blanks, Joe Nolan, Patty Steele, Dave Labrozzi, Mike Alan, John Foxx and many more. Kudos to the current PLJ staff: Todd & Jayde, Melony Torres, Mike Allan, Eutopia, Joey Kramer, Skywalker, Terry Donovan, and Alina for their own personal tributes over the past week and on the last day about their time spent at the station.

PLJ 20-year vet Race Taylor did an amazing job with both music and storytelling in the station’s final hours on Friday, weaving in and out of artists interviews and musical performances from the past, with phone-ins from the many voices and characters that have cemented a place in PLJ history. It was truly an incredible and emotional final ride that ended with John Lennon‘s “Imagine” and a featured montage of voices featured on the station over the years, and one last set of live goodbyes from the current PLJ staff with one final toast to a radio station that meant so much to so many. The last two days have truly defined everything that is great about radio… and WPLJ New York!

EMF now takes over ownership and will use the 95.5 signal to expand its audience for it’s inspirational K-Love brand in radio’s #1 market.