By now we are all well aware of the massive amount of ordeal situations the entire state of Florida has endured, and is currently dealing with in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. So many radio stations across the state have stepped up have risen to the cause of duty and dedication to community efforts. Here’s the latest example we came across today, courtesy of WHYI (Y100) OM/PD Alex Tear, and how the iHeartMedia Top 40 in Miami has answered their call of duty. Tear remarks, “Before, During, After. This has been our community commitment from the beginning. Our iHeart Miami Team continues full engagement in every city of need, it’s amazing to work with so many caring and genuine human beings. We’ll continue to help South Florida regain its balance from Hurricane Irma as long as it takes, then we’ll move on to the next community concern to improve our way of life. I’m so proud of our Team and Community, we truly are #SouthFloridaStrong!”