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eQB: August 10, 2018

There’s something very special about programming The River in Nashville. There’s also something very special about the city of Nashville. Just ask Jonathan Shuford, as we so thoroughly did in this week’s Cover Story. It’s been just over three years since Shuford assumed the programming reins of WRVW/107.5 The River and he’s already accomplished some pretty amazing things there, and has managed to raise the creative and music discovery bar even higher for this legendary iHeart Top 40 outlet. In Programming to Win, Robby Bridges gains inspiration from the late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and urges the radio industry to be bold. Question of the Week asks: Which decade had the most impact on you musically and who were your favorite artists of that decade? Hot Shots is on the scene in Atlantic City for Promo Only Summer Sessions. And, This Week in FMQB History.

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