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eQB May 31, 2019

Our mid-year AT-ISSUE deals with the ongoing discussion regarding the ebbs and flows of Pop music. The music cycle is less predictable these days then in recent years given the overall dynamics of the influencing factors that sway the trends. DSP’s and social media platforms are more instrumental than ever, and astute programmers are reading analytics derived from audience tendencies with much closer scrutiny. In Programming to Win, Paragon Media’s Mike Henry gives us two recent examples of Triple A stations that expanded their external marketing reach, thought outside the box and saw their ratings grow. Question of the Week asks: What three songs will best define the summer of 2019 for your format? And, FMQB Hot Shots.

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eQB Cover Story: FMQB AT-ISSUE: Driving the current trends of Pop music

There are more external variables than ever when it comes to influencing trends at Pop music and shrewd radio minds like Jonathan Shuford, Dom Theodore, Rick Vaughn and Kobe are a quality sample size of programmers around the country who have deftly adapted their mindset on reading the audience room with respect to these trends, and tactfully applying the new rules to their programming strategies.

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