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eQB Cover Story: John Reynolds, Operations Manager, Beasley Media Group, Charlotte

In April John Reynolds will be celebrating his 20th anniversary at WNKS in Charlotte, certainly a milestone achievement in a business that’s seen plenty of movement in the industry over the past two decades. Leadership, stability, constant energy, and a commitment to the passion he brings to his profession has allowed KISS95-1 to grow and maintain its winning ways through the duration.

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Year-End AT ISSUE: Radio’s Future Path For 2019 And Beyond

Year-End AT ISSUE: Radio’s future path for 2019 and beyond
We close out the year by looking ahead with a stimulating Year-End AT ISSUE, where we ask our distinguished panel of experts to address some critical issues as radio shapes its path for 2019 and beyond. Sharing their unique and insightful perspectives are: Pat Paxton, Jon Zellner, Mike McVay, Buzz Knight, Dom Theodore, Rick Cummings, and Sam Milkman.

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