We close out the year by looking ahead with a stimulating
Year-End AT ISSUE, where we ask our distinguished panel of experts to address some critical issues as radio shapes its path for 2019 and beyond. Sharing their unique and insightful perspectives are: Pat Paxton, Jon Zellner, Mike McVay, Buzz Knight, Dom Theodore, Rick Cummings, and Sam Milkman. [more]

In our final Programming to Win column of 2018, Bob Quick is talking about practice. Quick reminds us all that airchecking is the best way to practice and refine your on-air skills.  [more]

What have been your most rewarding moments both professionally and personally this year? [more]

Lee Leipsner, Elvis Duran, Halsey, Rich Davis, Camila Cabello, Erik Bradley, Jared Fallon, Josh Reich, Why Don’t We, Jonathan Shuford, lovelytheband, Mike “OD” O’Donnell [more]