Sassy, PD, WKXJ/1037 KISS FM, Chattanooga

Our industry is constantly searching for the next generation of programmers to start taking on a more commanding role in radio. Entercom PD Sassy is certainly one of those prime candidates to assume a long and prosperous programming career. Her astute programming instincts are matched by her passion for music and the result is a forward-thinking young radio manager who is destined for a bright and successful career in radio. [more]

For this month’s edition of Programming to Win, Paragon Media’s Mike Henry introduces us all to the Urban Alternative format. Could it be the next big radio format and a hit with your listeners? Henry explains why we should be paying attention to Urban Alt.  [more]

Given major entertainment and tech companies’ ultra-focus on creating original content and developing an app that has limitless streaming options, how should this influence radio strategy going forward? [more]

Rich Davis, Jonas Brothers, Alissa Pollack, Elton John, Brenda Romano, Public, Kobe, Java Joel, The Black Keys [more]