FMQB Celebrates 40th!  (Event Coverage)

2580951On Thursday, April 10, at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, over 400 radio and music industry professionals attended a one day event hosted by FMQB, honoring our 40th anniversary. The event was designed to be a celebration of the people of the radio and music industries, with a stimulating afternoon Think-Tank symposium and a glorious evening awards affair. During the evening event, FMQB CAREER ACHIEVEMENT and FMQB LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT awards were presented to various radio and music individuals who were recently elected to the FMQB Hall of Fame.
     Although we will be publishing comprehensive editorial coverage of the Think Tank symposium and a full exhibit of the pictorial memorable moments in our forthcoming May magazine, this week’s e-QB presents a significant photo/video flavor of the event.


Awards Ceremony

Awards CeremonyLate last year, FMQB distributed ballots to industry advisory boards for both the radio and music industries. These ballots contained the names of individuals and radio stations in various categories. We asked our advisory boards to help select the Top 5 individuals in each category, who would then be elected to the FMQB Hall of Fame. Those radio and music industry Hall of Fame members were ceremoniously saluted the night of our grand event, as well as in our current commemorative April magazine issue.

We then proceeded to a second tier voting process executed by a general voting board of seventy-five industry people for each category. The results of each category were disclosed at our event, and the individuals who were selected by their peers as tops in their field were presented with an FMQB CAREER ACHIEVEMENT award. There were also five special LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT awards presented to five very special individuals. There were plenty of magical and memorable moments on stage that night. Complete photo coverage of the award recipients is on display in this week’s e-QB, along with video footage of the induction and acceptance speeches for the special LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT awards.


Cocktail Party/Dinner Hour

Cocktail Party/Dinner HourIn what scores of industry people have described as a much needed event, radio and music industry movers and shakers gathered for a very special evening where the industry for a single night became one.

Representatives from all formats and all geographic locations joyfully congregated resulting in a highly spirited affair with tons of positive energy. e-QB presents a sampling of cocktail party and dinner-hour Hot Shots from the event. Read More



Think Tank Symposium

Think Tank SymposiumFMQB CEO Fred Deane and new media consultant Mel Taylor co-moderated a Think Tank symposium that was billed as a brainstorming session with its mission designed to stimulate and provoke out-of-the-box and forward thinking. Given the illustrious panel of radio and music executives, the heavily attended event was everything it lived up to be. We will publish full editorial coverage in our upcoming May magazine; for now enjoy these photos from the session. Read More


** All photos courtesy Jim Rinaldi and John Vettese. **