Jeff Penfield

88.5 FM/Southern California (KCSN/KSBR) Acting PD Jeff Penfield has announced he will be leaving Triple A non-comm on Friday, June 28 after six years at the station. His next stop is Dallas, TX, where he’s accepted the Manager, Radio Operations position at non-commercial KERA and Triple A KXT.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to join a public media organization with over five decades serving the North Texas community with news, information, and culture,” says Penfield. “First I must thank my fellow co-workers and friends at 88.5 FM for six incredible years. The station may have a small staff, but their big hearts and dedication towards creating the best radio in Los Angeles put 88.5 FM on the map. I’m proud of the positive impact the station makes in such a unique music community. Special thanks goes to Sky Daniels for taking a chance on me back in 2013. His mentorship and vast industry experience has meant so much to my career.”